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About Us

  About Us

Zaala Care uses Integrated Voice Response technology(IVR) to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates by improving on antenatal care attendance among pregnant women. Subscribed users automatically receive localized voice messages personalized to their pregnancy stages.  This enables the pregnant women know more about their pregnancy development and plan as well to go and receive the necessary medical care in case their is a problem.


  1. According to UNICEF, more than 50 percent of women in Uganda don’t complete the 4 recommended antenatal visits.
  2. Most women in Uganda have registered late antenatal care (ANC) attendance, averagely at 5.5 months of pregnancy.
  3. Women in rural areas of Uganda are two times less likely to attend ANC than the urban women.
  4. The inadequate utilization of ANC is greatly contributing to persisting high rates of maternal and neonatal mortality in Uganda.

Our Mission

To increase antenatal Care attendance using mobile technology.

Our Goal

To reduce maternal mortality in Uganda by 60% come 2050. We will achieve this by having more than 760,000 subscribers on our system. The subscribers will be using our timely mobile technology to plan ahead their antenatal visits.

Why Us

 We are mobile and convenient, our system can be accessed on either a smart phone, feature phone or even a computer at any time.

Our system allows the users to receive voice & sms notifications about important information they need to know about reproductive health.

Our system creates an environment where users can speak to medical personnel on the call to ask their most pressing maternal health questions in local languages 24/7.

We have a clear vision of the market needs. We know the customers’ needs, we are familiar with the latest technology and out reach to the customer and we can offer the best information and services relevant and related to them.

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