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Re-usable nappy

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Newborn sized covers and soakers, designed to fit babies from 3 to 6 kgs, are also available in raspberry pink, spring green, aqua blue, chocolate brown.

Kijani covers are adjustable waterproof diapers.  Some features of our covers are:

  • The outside material of Kijani covers is PUL, a laminated polyester fabric.  PUL is durable, waterproof and breathable.
  • The inside material of the covers is suedecloth, which “wicks” away the moisture, keeping baby’s skin feeling soft and comfortable.
  • The snap in soaker has the same suedecloth on the top, two absorbent layers of microfiber, and waterproof PUL on the bottom to keep the cover dry so it can be used with more than one soaker.
  • Newborn covers are designed for people who want to start using cloth diapers from day 1 of baby’s life and want a trimmer alternative to our one size diapers.  Newborn diapers fit most babies from 3 to 5 kgs.

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Re-usable nappy


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